Blood Bags used by Oxfam Activists at G7 Summit

Oxfam activists ridicule G7 leaders before their meeting in Brussels on Wednesday.

Oxfam activists ridicule G7 leaders before their meeting in Brussels on Wednesday.

We were proud to supply our Fake IV Blood Bags to Oxfam for their imaginative campaign in Brussels this week. Oxfam’s activists wear masks depicting leaders of the member countries of the G7.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and  U.S. President Barack Obama, during a protest called “Energy dependency and wealth inequality outside the European Council in Brussels June 3, 2014. Leaders of the Group of Seven nations, meeting without Russia, agreed to hold their own summit this year in Brussels instead of attending a planned G8 meeting in the Russian Olympic venue of Sochi, following tensions between Ukraine and Russia..
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Zombie Alert!

Eschatrilogy Zombie Crew

Gina Hooper is currently studying for a degree in Screenwriting for Film and TV at Preston, Lancashire. She is currently an apprentice with us working in our ‘Movie Aesthetics Department, what we lovingly refer to as ‘THE MAD HOUSE’.

Gina has always wanted to be in a horror film and was delighted when she was told she could play the part of a Zombie (no, not a rotting limb or putrid eye!) in a new independent film called The Eschatrilogy. Filming of the final part of the trilogy was shot last weekend.

The Eschatrilogy is an epic film which is currently in production by Safehouse Pictures UK.